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Sunrise Buildings is your source for the best value in custom storage & housing.

Storage Building MissouriValue: We all have our own ideas of what is valuable to us. Some put greater value on how an item looks either by itself or in a certain setting. Others are more concerned with the strength and durability of an item and may be little affected by the appearance. There are yet others who are most interested in getting something for the least amount of money possible, often ignoring the qualities of looks or structure. Sunrise Buildings can meet all the definitions of value listed above.

For those who want a good looking building, we have numerous styles from simple to classic. You may choose any combination of our 22 different colors to complement your existing decor or preferences. With our specialized equipment and experienced delivery team , we can even get it into the setting of your choice.

If strength and durability are of more concern to you, there are several things you should know about Sunrise Buildings. We start with heavy duty 4" treated timbers rated for ground contact spanning the full length of the building. On top of that we use treated 2 x 6 floor joist spaced 16" apart and cap that with a 3/4" tongue and groove Advantech flooring guaranteed by the manufacturer for 50 years. (The manufacturer also Storage Sheds and Cabins Missouriclaims a "300 day No Sand Guarantee." It can be left fully exposed to the elements for 300 days without affecting it beyond discoloring.) These elements combine to create one of the strongest floors available in a portable building. With that as our foundation, we build a framework of premium lumber using ring-shanked or spiral-shanked nails to prevent pull out and all truss joints have industry approved steel plates. This framework is covered with #1 grade metal siding and roofing with a 40 year paint warranty.

If you are one of those who want to pay the least amount of money for storage, compare our prices with our competition. The only way any of them can beat us in price is by cutting some corners in quality or durability or even leaving off some features. The best price you can pay for any item will be determined by its maintenance or replacement cost. Any low cost item may end up costing more over time with maintenance or eventual replacement.

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