Vertical Roof Hi Barn with Loft

The Vertical Roof Hi Barn gives you many of the same features as the Lofted Hi Barn. The metal is installed vertically on the roof, the sidewalls are taller, and the choice to have sidedoors are some additional features of the Vertical Roof Hi Barn with Loft.

Vertical Roof Hi Barn with Loft, Building Specifications:

  • Available in 10, 12, 14, and 16 ft. wide and from 12 to 40 ft. long
  • 10 ft. wide buildings have (2) 4×4 skids (Ground contact rated by the manufacturer)
  • All 12, 14 and 16 ft. wide barns have (4) 4×4 skids (Ground contact rated by the manufacturer)
  • Lofts can be split up in either 1 long loft or divided with a 4 ft. section left out. No Extra Charge. Please specify when ordering barn for loft spacing.
  • Includes a sturdy ladder for easy access of lofts
  • 2×6 MCQ Treated floor joists spaced 16 in. on center
  • 3/4 in. Tongue & Groove LP Advantech gives you a beautiful, durable overlay for a premium appearance. It has treated wood strand technology for enhanced durability and the SmartGuard resists fungal decay and termite damage.
  • Studs are spaced 24 in. on center and side nailers are notched into the studs for a more professional look and to give you more floor space.
  • Trusses are plated together with steel plates for more strength and a professional look.
  • 40 year paint warranty on the metal. 23 colors to choose from (your choice, no extra charge)
  • Metal panels are screwed on with color matched screws.
  • Metal is installed vertically on the roof.
  • Standard double door in a 6 ft. wide x 6 ft. 4 in. tall opening. A keyed door handle is also standard.
  • All Vertical Roof Hi Barns have the standard Dutch Look Trim.
  • A small, opening loft door in front end above the regular door is included.


  • Ridge light (approx. 12 in. wide x 10 ft. long section of clear light panel)
  • 12 in. square gable vent (painted to trim color) in rear gable end in loft area.
  • 6 ft. wide x 4 ft. deep ramp for easier access into the building with lawn equipment.
  • 2 ft. x 3 ft. Windows.
  • Shelves or a Work Bench on the side or on the back wall.
  • A standard 36 inch house type door may be substituted for the shed doors.