Here at Sunrise Buildings we are excited to announce that we are now offering a new and improved ramp system for your storage barn, garage or utility shed.  We are making these available to our customers when they purchase a building or to customers who want to retrofit their existing barn entrance.  We are also making these available to other storage barn builders across the country who are looking to add them to their buildings.  If you are a shed dealer give us a call to discuss wholesale pricing.

Sunrise Ramp System

To use these ramps you first install an aluminum threshold rail to the front edge of the doorway on your building.  This rail comes pre-cut at 6 foot, and then they can be cut to shorter lengths to fit the width of your doorway.  The threshold rail has a strong lip on which the  ramp system rests. This strong rail has two different lip heights so that you can raise or lower the ramps to match the height of your shed floor.

The second part of the system is an aluminum ramp bracket which allows for several boards to be fitted in and fastened to the ramp bracket.  These brackets hook over the lip on the threshold rail and allows you to conveniently slide them from side to side to match the width of your lawnmower tires or you can slide several together to make a nice walkway into your building.

Sunrise Ramp System

Making a ramp into your mini barn, garage or utility shed is now easy thanks to the Sunrise Ramp System. We can easily ship these ramp parts to any place in the USA. Please note when we ship the ramp system we are unable to include the lumber. Give us a call to order your brand new ramp system today.

Call and order your ramp system today!