Professional Building Delivery from Sunrise Buildings

The key to keeping portable buildings cost-effective is getting it delivered in a timely and safe manner. Being able to manufacture our buildings in a controlled environment allows us to keep quality up and cost down. Delivery and set up is the rest of the story.

Sunrise Buildings Shed Delivery Truck

FREE Delivery Statewide in Missouri

We now offer FREE delivery to the entire state of Missouri. We will even deliver to neighboring states, but we charge extra delivery based on the size of the building. Please call or email for estimated delivery to your place.

Quality Delivery with Experience

Methods for delivering portable buildings have improved dramatically over the years. Many of the current delivery methods we use in the Mid-west were developed in the Northeastern United States where population density required efficient and safe methods. The development and manufacturing of specialized trailers and other equipment has made our job easier, allowing us to get your building to you safely and to place it where you want it.

We have an experienced delivery crew that is both professional and courteous. They will do everything within their power to prevent damage to your building before it arrives or while getting it into place. They have experience working with other customers that helps to create a satisfying experience for you. They have a deep well of experience from which to draw ideas for overcoming numerous challenging situations and they can also advise you both in practical matters of location as well as in appearances. If a problem does come up, they can usually deal with it right then.

The Mule

The Mule

When delivery is impossible with our pickup we use our Mule. If the ground is too soft or the site is too tight we have gotten out of many pinches using this handy delivery tool. It greatly reduces yard damage and helps us be more efficient. We place the Mule at one end of the building and we put flotation tires under the other end. We can then drive the Mule around your yard and into your site and we never have to get the truck and trailer in your yard.

Delivery Guidelines

  1. First consider if there is enough room for Sunrise Buildings LLC to maneuver around and put the structure in your desired location. Our delivery trucks are 18’ long and the special trailers are either 26’ or 40’ in length.  We need approximately 36’ to 50’ in length depending on what trailer is used. The path to get to your location should be free from trees, shrubs, power lines and septic tanks. The overall width should be at least 2’ wider than your building, and at least 16’ in height clearance.
  2. The trailer has wheels that recess down from the middle, so that the trailer can move side to side without the truck moving. This allows the truck and trailer to “jack knife” itself to place the structure in the most difficult of places. The trucks are a Dodge 3500 single cab and a Peterbuilt Semi Tractor.
  3. When you’re called for a delivery appointment, be sure to let the delivery manager know how it should be loaded on the trailer to make the delivery process speedy.
  4. If the truck and trailer are not suitable for the delivery area, we will use the mule for an added fee of $100.

* Sunrise Buildings LLC is not responsible for any damage that might incur to your property during delivery.