About Sunrise Buildings in Missouri

Sunrise Buildings has a strong foundation in the manufacturing field with over 100 years of combined construction experience. James Burkholder, who started the business in 1997 as Mid Missouri Mini Barns, got involved with construction at the age of 18 years. After a short period of time in farming, he returned to construction, getting his start in the mini barn business from one of his brothers-in-law. He started building a few sheds and setting them out by the highway and it just expanded from there.

“I started the business in the great outdoors with no roof over my head. I purchased a small radial arm saw to cut my rafter pieces, etc. and I also cut some with a circular saw. I made a small jig and laid my rafter pieces in it. I pounded the steel truss plates on with a sledge hammer like tool I got built. Sales just multiplied from there.”

What started as a family based business has kept much of its family style atmosphere. Even as we have grown to have 10 full time employees, we still look at all the employees as a large family.

In 2008, we purchased 4.5 acres in Versailles, Missouri along Hwy 52 and built a new manufacturing facility with over 7400 square feet of work space. We also changed our name to Sunrise Buildings to reflect a wider market coverage. As we grow, we plan to increase our dealership base, as well as expanding our available options. We are continually upgrading our methods and equipment with the dual focus of keeping cost down and improving quality.