Frequently Asked Questions at Sunrise Buildings

Our Company:

• We have taken pride in the workmanship of our buildings since 1997. Throughout the years, we have worked to improve quality rather than focusing on cutting cost.
• We have a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty against leaking or structural defects. We will either repair, replace or refund any item as needed.
• We hand pick our lumber for quality and appearance.
• We build on 2×6 treated floor joists for stength and durability.
• All of our buildings have rodent proof trim on them!


We offer FREE delivery to the entire state of Missouri. We will even deliver to neighboring states, but we charge extra delivery based on the size of the building. Please call or email for estimated delivery to your place.
Yes. We need permits for any building that we deliver over 8 ft. wide. From 8 ft. wide to 12 ft. 4 in. wide, we use an annual blanket permit issued for 1 calendar year. From 12 ft. 4 in. wide to 16 ft. wide, we need a special single trip permit. The state tells us what route we must travel, which is not always the shortest route. We also need a special permit for any building over 13 ft. 6 in. tall when loaded on the trailer.
We use a special trailer that is designed to haul our portable storage buildings.
We strive to avoid any damage when possible. We recently purchased a small delivery unit called a Mule™ which will allow us to make deliveries when the ground is too soft for a truck and trailer. It will also allow us to get into some tighter places than were previously possible.
• Be sure to have tree limbs and other obstructions cleared sufficiently to allow us to get in with your building. We allow one hour from the time we arrive at your driveway till we have your building leveled. The longer we take to get around obstructions or move items out of our way, the more likely we are to have an extra setup charge.
• We strongly recommend a level gravel site. A level 6 inch gravel pad will allow the full length of the skids under the building to spread out the weight evenly, reducing or eliminating any settling. If the gravel is allowed to extend past the edge of the building on all sides and especially in front of the door, there will be less problem with mud or splashing. We offer a 2% discount for having a level, easily accessible site. Any type of leveling material (concrete, piers, gravel) will qualify for this discount provided that we can still get our trailer in without damage.
• We do carry a selection of concrete blocks on deliveries and include leveling with setup of your building, although using blocks focuses the weight of your building on a smaller point, increasing the chance of settling. If your site is more than 12 inches out of level, please let us know so that we may have sufficient blocks along.


• It adds value to your property and you can generally get them more quickly, plus you might not need a large building in your back yard. All of our buildings come with a key locked door handle.
• A portable building can be moved with you if you sell your property and move or you can sell it for a profit if you no longer need it.
We normally use metal because of its strength and maintenance free character, but we will build with wood or vinyl siding and shingle roofing. These are generally higher priced and are not maintenance free.
We use both. We use nails for the wood framing portion and color matched screws for all the metal roofing and siding. We use galvanized nails in all treated wood and ring shank or spiral shank nails to prevent pull-out.
We have 23 metal colors from which to choose. You may choose any combination of colors for your sidewalls, roofing, and trim for no extra charge. Click here to see the metal colors available.
Yes we offer that as an optional accessory for your building.