You’re tired from a hard day’s work and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If only you had a place to get in out of the sun and yet be able to still enjoy the great outdoors. Consider purchasing a cabana or gazebo for your backyard. These great-looking structures can really enhance the eye appeal of your backyard. At the same time, it gives you a great place to relax and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade. This is also a great place to entertain your family and friends for a wonderful evening.

With some landscaping, mulch, and flowers your cabana or gazebo will be a complement to your backyard. Of course with your creativity, you can make your backyard into a paradise that you can’t wait to return to evening after evening.

Our craftsmen build these cabanas and gazebos in our shop using quality lumber and metal roofs. They will arrive at your property completely assembled and ready for you to use. With our trailers and Mule, we can maneuver them to the exact location as long as the terrain is not too steep and the access is wide enough for the building to pass through. We deliver anywhere in Missouri state. Contact us to discuss sizes, layout, and colors. 573-378-2600