Shed Site Preparation

A good foundation is what your building rests upon and it is very important in keeping everything level and maintenance free for years to come. Start by checking your local building codes to make sure you don’t have problems with having a building added to your property.

Preparing your site is your responsibility before your building is delivered to you. We have some suggestions here on this page to help you with your site preparation.

The best pad is a level 4″ to 5″ thick concrete pad which is solid, durable and eye appealing but this is also the most costly.

Gravel is a much more popular and economical way to prepare the site and will allow for proper drainage of water that will run off the roof. You will want to make a level spot that is about twelve inches wider and longer than the outside dimensions of your building. Remove the sod and level the site by removing dirt where necessary, and spread the 3/4 inch gravel to a depth of about four to six inches. Tamp the gravel down until it is evenly distributed and the site is flat and level. A “frame” of pressure treated 4×4’s or cement blocks around the perimeter will help keep the stones in place and create a neater appearance.

Skid Spacing

Here are some of our Skid spacings for you to see the dimensions of our buildings.

Skid Spacing