We use LOW-E Insulation in our Sheds

You can save money by using the right kind of insulation in your home and outbuildings.  We use ESP LOW-E insulation which is the only company that makes an insulation with a true Aluminum Foil backing.  All other company’s use a product which has a plastic coating that can start peeling off in a couple years.  We install this insulation under our roofing metal to provide a thermal protection and moisture barrier between the exterior metal and your valuables inside.  It substantially reduces the attic temperature by reflecting the heat back to the outside.  There has been testing done by a third party IR Thermographer during a 5 week period and he found that by using the ESP Low-E insulation it reduced the attic temperature by a minimum of 30 degrees!  So stay cool and save money when you purchase one of our buildings.

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