We delivered a Cabin to Warsaw, MO.

Here is a 16 ft. x 40 ft. Adirondack Cabin that we delivered to Warsaw, MO.  It has Hartford green wainscoting all around the outside (wainscoting is the metal that starts at the bottom and goes up the side part way). The rest of the metal colors are tan sides, and the trim and roof is Hartford Green. Our cabins normally come with 2 x 3 windows but this cabin got 3 x 5 Thermo-pane windows.
The Adirondack Cabins always have a 6 ft. deep porch on the front with a sleeping loft above it. Although the porch is only 6 ft. deep the loft is 8′ deep, and extends into the Cabin another 2′. It also has another 8 ft. deep loft in the back part of the cabin. Any time a Cabin has 2 lofts you receive two ladders.
Our 12 ft. cabins have one  standard 8 ft. loft while the 14 ft. and 16 ft. cabins have two lofts.

16x40 Adirondack with 3x5 windows.
16×40 Adirondack with 3×5 windows.

16x40 Adirondack

8 thoughts on “We delivered a Cabin to Warsaw, MO.

  1. I love this cabin, How much is it, love the windows too. You also have the high rise barn house that I like too, how much for it. I am just kinda looking right now trying to figure out what i can get for the money. I love your buildings. I would need at least 16 X 40.

  2. i was wondering on the 16 Ft by 40 ft Adirondack cabin what is the cost ? and what that includes. is it finished inside? bedrooms etc! Thank you.

  3. Hi, I’m looking around to see the different ways to get the best space and price for a tiny house. I would like a brochure of what you offer along with prices. I greatly appreciate your time and you have some very nice looking buildings. We are looking for a building no larger than 16 x 40 and no smaller than 16 x 32. Thank you have a blessed week. Janet

    1. Thank you Janet for your interest in our cabins. Please fill in this quote request and we will respond with a price estimate.
      Thanks and you also have a blessed day!

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