Chicken Coops in Versailles, Missouri

We love our breakfast time, and eggs make up a pretty big part of our breakfast menu.  Before breakfast we have the joy of going out and gathering our own eggs on our farm.  I am sure that you would also enjoy this delightful early morning task of gathering your own breakfast.  We have several different chicken coops that will keep your hens comfortable and it is easy to gather the eggs with outside access to their nests.  Stop by our display lot at 13863 Hwy 52 • Versailles, MO 65084 to see our coops.  Have a healthy breakfast!
6x8-Quaker-style-Chicken-House-(stained-w-soybean-oil-based-stain 4x6-Quaker-Style-Chicken-House-with-6-nest-boxes 8x8-Chicken-Coop-w-2-hole-nest-box

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