16×40 Lofted HiBarn

16x40 Lofted HiBarn with working Loft Door. Colors are Burgundy sides, Clay roof and trim. It comes standard with double 6' wide x 6' 4" tall entrance doors and a working loft door. The gable vent pictured in the loft door is optional. On the inside it has 36' of usable loft space with a loft ladder for acess to the loft. All HiBarns also come standard with a 12" square gable vent in the back gable. Open a door and you get air flow from front through the back. Add a Ridge Light to let natural light come in through the top or add windows in the sides or gable ends that you can open or close. You may not understand what a Ridge Light is! It is a clear Polycarbonate (skylight) material that is made for sheds/buildings wither portable or stationary. This is customer ordered building. A new customer from the Lake area walked inhere 1 day looking for storage buildings and asked if we give discounts for multiable buildings. We informed him, that we sure do! So we agreeded on a price and he ordered 2 - 16x40 Lofted HiBarns and this is one of them. The other one will be posted on here also once we have it finished on Monday, 2/03/14. Choose your own Colors from 22 Attractive Colors or take a building we already have in stock.