16 ft. x 32 ft. Adirondack Cabin

Here is a 16 ft. x 32 ft. Adirondack cabin we recently built.  Our customer wanted a place to store their ATV so we made the back section of their cabin into a storage area with a double 6 ft. shed door for ATV storage and also serves as a get away Cabin.  It has an 8′ front loft, you can throw a sleeping bag up there and it comes with it’s own loft ladder, sure saves on floor space! The front door is offset to the side so that a double window could be installed. Recently we started using a solid fiberglass door and door jamb. We like these better! It never needs painting, although painting is an option and it will never rust. With the cabins steep roof you have more head room in the loft area plus in the winter time with all the snow we had the last few winters, as soon as the sun starts to warm up the snow slides off quickly.  The roof and the walls are insulated with Low-E® foil wrap insulation, this makes a huge difference in heating and cooling.

16x32 Adirondack cabin 16x32 Adirondack cabin with ATV storage

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