Cottage Style from Sunrise Building in Missouri

Chicken Coops from Sunrise Buildings

6x8 Chicken Coop

4x6 Quaker style Chicken House stained
with soybean oil based stain

Chickens are fun. Chickens are easy to keep. Best of all chickens lay eggs and who doesn't enjoy a breakfast with eggs laid in their own backyard. We have several different styles of chicken coops to keep your hens happily clucking. We build them using a maintenance free exterior metal or wood siding and the inside is designed for the comfort of your hens with roosts for them to perch on at night. Our handy egg boxes have access for gathering those delicous eggs without even going inside the coop. We have ramps built with traction bars for the chickens to easily climb back inside at night.

We also have a coop that has wheels on it to allow you to easily move their home to a new location in your meadow or backyard. These coops work well for meat birds.

6x8 Chicken Coop

4x6 Quaker Style Chicken House
with 6 nest boxes. Metal Exterior.

8x8 Chicken Coop

8x8 Chicken Coop with 2 hole nest box.