Have you seen our Greenhouses?

Here it is, January, only 2 months from March, and Spring is just around the corner! When we think of Spring, we think of beautiful flowers, gardening, and fresh produce. The warmer weather of Spring often brings inclement weather and insects. A nice way to protect and start out tender young plants and flowers is […]

Building of the month

Are you like us and asking, “October already?” Its hard to believe the days are getting shorter and the chilly nights are here again. Certainly its time to prepare for the winter climate. Here at Sunrise Building we are thankful for the good summer we had. Again we want to offer a building of the […]

Same as Cash! Finance option!

Are you in need of a building, but your checkbook doesn’t have the space? Are you unexcited about the extra cost of Rent-to-own? We are offering our customers a same as cash financing option! Yes, you read right! Now through the end of October 2017 you can choose a six or twelve month plan to […]

Hatching Eggs Anytime Soon?

Here is an interesting article for our chicken coop customers. Didn’t know we build chicken coops? check it out here…Sunrise Chicken Coops Are you thinking about incubating eggs? It’s actually quite easy. When I was younger we would actually hatch eggs in our room. All you would need is a cardboard box, light bulb (plugged […]

90 Days Same as Cash

We are excited to bring to you our brand new “90 days same as Cash” payment plan for all of our buildings.  This includes all of our storage barns and cabins.  This is being offered through our Rent to Own program when you fill out a Rent to Own contract. We have been busy this […]

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